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There are several types of bite guards that come in different materials and prices. Bite guards go by many different names, such as stress guard, teeth guard, dental guard, night guard and of course, the common name, bite guard. It is important to get the bite guard that will best suit your needs.

Three Types of Bite Guards

There are three basic types of bite guards; the best choice is almost always a custom-fitted mouth protector, made by your dentist. Two other cheaper types of mouth guards are stock mouth protectors and boil and bite mouth protectors. While these types of guards may be sufficient for wearing for short periods of time during sports, they may not be suggested for wearing for long periods of time or overnight to deal with clenching, grinding or other issues with your bite. Check with your dentist before choosing which type is best for you. It is important to know that with an ill-fitting bite guard we may be doing more harm than help to our teeth and our bite. Eventually this could cause more severe issues.

Protection from Clenching and Grinding

Bite guards are prescribed for a number of reasons; the most usual are protection from grinding and clenching. The guard will help displace the force from one tooth to a broader area of the bite. Even better, the guard positions the teeth differently than normal and can actually change the signal to the brain and reduce the tendency to clench or grind.

Comfort Is Important

Custom-fitted mouth guards are known to be comfortable, resistant to tearing, durable and easily cleaned, and cause little to no restriction to speech and no restriction to breathing. These are all incredibly important qualities in a mouth guard, especially one that you wear overnight. These guards are more comfortable because they fit a person specifically, and no two people have the same set of teeth. They are made of acrylic that is resistant to tearing and more comfortable than other plastic guards. Since some people may find they have trouble sleeping with a mouth guard it is important to have one that creates the least amount of intrusion. Bite guards may be prescribed for a child as well. It is best to consult your dentist if you think your child may need a bite guard due to clenching or grinding.

Bite guards are not for everyone or for every instance. If you think a bite guard may help you, contact Dr. Meadows today.